M.P. GUPTA (Chairman)
Shri Kundan lal trust

It is very heartening to note that the school is moving ahead with focus on innovation, ingenuity and continuous improvement in all spheres of learning. The efforts of the staff in maintaining the highest level of performance with dedication and diligence are commendable. As Trustees, we stand by our commitment to provide full support to the school in requirements. I am sure that in the coming years, the school will take giant strides to extend its horizon.

Mrs. Manju Lakhanpal(Manager)
School Managing Committee

Kundan International School is a dream incarnated of a great visionary and educationist, our Founder, Shri Kundan Lal ji. It is a state of art school equipped with latest technology and amenities and is striving to be the centre of excellence. Education is a gradual, slow and steady process of awakening and igniting the nascent minds of the youngsters, who enter our portals. Our earnest endeavour is to bring the best out of our students and to make them humane, intelligent and progressive beings. Life is a race with its multiple challenges, our objective is to empower our students with the best ammunition--- multifaceted education--- to battle all odds and turn all vicissitude into triumphs.

In this Google age, when human knowledge and information is just in tap of a key, is conventional and structured education necessary? So why education and what is its role? Google information does not develop the ability to understand, absorb and apply information. It is traditional education alone, which apart from developing your baseline capabilities also develops your cognitive ability- to learn and solve problems, to imbibe values, distinguish between good and bad.

We at Kundan, act as facilitators, inspiring our students to think and dream big, and develop a burning passion to catch the dream. The students are encouraged to cultivate their minds, imbibe knowledge, learn to distinguish between right and wrong, grow physically strong and above all be wise, humane and balanced. Our school’s mission is to have beautiful and healthy students- in body, mind and soul, and we live upto our school’s motto, ‘Truth, Love and Efficiency’. Just wait for a few years, Kundan International School shall be the most coveted school in Chandigarh.

Mr. K.N. Pathak (President)
School Managing Committee

In the past years, we have seen sustained enthusiasm and interest in various activities which is infusing the school with positivity. We see Kundanites’ increased participation in social causes, from lending their support to Help Age India to the endeavour to celebrate Green Rakhi. The school is making concerted efforts to live up to the ideals of its venerated founder, Shri Kundan Lal Ji, in providing quality education to the children of the tri-city while staying rooted in social values. We look forward to enhancing the existing infrastructure of the school to offer new opportunities for its biggest assets, our students.

Mrs. Manjeet Jauhar (Principal)
Kundan International School

I feel enormously pleased to welcome you all to Kundan International School. Education is both my passion and life. I have dedicated myself to this goal as education is lifelong process of acquiring knowledge, skills and values. At Kundan International School, we endeavour to reveal more of the brilliance and help each and every child grow into their greater selves. It is with this in mind that Kundan International School develops strong, holistic and competent individuals who will be ideal citizens of tomorrow.
Sports, is an integral part in overall development of a child and our prime focus besides physical and mental growth is to nurture sports talent amongst students.