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5 School Safety Rules that You Should Teach Your Child

As a parent, you must be constantly concerned about the safety of your child no matter whether they are playing outside, going to school, or even within the house. This is why establishing new safety rules for children is extremely essential.

Safety awareness in children gives you a sense of relief as a parent, as you cannot be around your kid all the time. Kundan International School, one of the best schools in Chandigarh always recommends that parents prepare their kids with some basic safety steps.

Five Safety Tips that You Should Teach Your Child:

Here is the list of five kids’ safety rules that will help your child ensure safety at school:

  1. Make Them Memorise your Contact Number & Address: It is important to teach your child the basic contact details including your name, contact number, and address. Make sure your child can share these details with someone if necessary or in case of emergencies. You must help your child memorise these with regular practice at home.
  2. Make your Child beware of Items Offered by Strangers: It is necessary to teach your child to beware of strangers and not to accept items given by a stranger, no matter how tempting it is. Teach your child that it may be dangerous to accept food from an outsider.
  3. Making Them Aware of the Common Hazards: Teach your child about the common hazards in school, home, and public places, like fire hazards, chemical hazards, environmental hazards, etc.
  4. Never Go Anywhere with a Stranger: Teach your child that it is not safe to go anywhere with a stranger. Ensure to your child, that in case of any emergency, you will send a family member to receive, not a stranger.
  5. No One Is Allowed to Touch The Body: It is one of the most important safety rules that you should teach your child. Teach your child the difference between good touch and bad touch. Tell your child that no one except the nearest ones like mommy, papa, and grandparents is allowed to touch the body. If anyone else has touched him/her unnecessarily, teach them to shout for help and alert people.


These are some general safety rules that you should teach your child to ensure your child’s safety when you are not around them. Kundan International School, the top CBSE International School in Chandigarh also recommends that parents openly communicate with their children to help them open up and reach out to you.

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  1. It’s really important nowadays to educate our children about the basic safety rules… Thanks for a good and informative article…

  2. Safety of the children is the basic need of any institutions . We appreciate the efforts of Kundan International School in this regard. Being a spacious building, all students are within approach of their teachers.

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