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Five Must-Have Parenting Skills to Raise Smart Children

Every parent dreams for a better future for their child. Parents generally hope that their children become smart enough to find success no matter what path they choose. They want their child to grow up to be a highly successful adult. But parenting is not as easy as it seems, sometimes parents find it challenging to raise their children in a preferred manner. It is because there is no fixed path to guaranteed parenting success. But fortunately, Kundan International School, one of the top schools in Chandigarh provides some guidelines that can effectively help you raise smart and well-rounded kids.

Five Must-Have Parenting Tips to Raise Smart Child:

  • Catch Kids Doing Good: Have you thought that how many times you react negatively to your child in a single day? Perhaps you may find yourself criticising far more than complimenting. From now, concentrates on when your child is doing something right to praise him/her. For instance, when you see your child playing with their friends patiently, you can praise your child for being good and patient with others. This type of simple step will do more to encourage good behaviour over the long run than repeated scoldings.
  • Be Consistent with Your Discipline: Make sure you establish house rules to help your child understand what you expect from him/her. For instance, you can set rules like no screen time until homework is done, no hitting, or no hurtful teasing allowed. Thus you can teach your child self-control and discipline. But make sure you maintain the consistency to experience what you expect from your child.
  • Make Time for Your Child: It is important to give attention to your child. It is because children always seek their parents’ attention. The children who are not getting attention often act out or misbehave. So, it is important to spend quality time with your child and make them feel loved and valued.
  • Be a Good Role Model: Younger children learn a lot of things by watching their parents. So be aware you are constantly being watched by your child and model the traits that you wish to see in your kids.
  • Be Flexible: As your child grows, you need to change your parenting style accordingly. The parenting style that you apply to your 2 to 3 years child will not work when he/she is a teen.

Kundan International School, being the top CBSE International School in Chandigarh always tries to help parents, and empower their children with positive parenting and helpful tips. 

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