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How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style?

Research has identified that not every child is comfortable with a single learning style, rather there are different types of learning styles. So, it is important to understand what learning style suits the best for your child. It will help you to advocate the best learning environment for your child along with determining the type of extracurricular activities they would enjoy the most. According to the experts, there are three main types of learning styles that are more prevalent to students as-Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory.

Kundan International School, the best school in Chandigarh tries its best to increase the academic productivity of each student by identifying their primary learning style and teaching them accordingly and also encourages the parents to do the same with their children.

Ways to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style:

Here are some ways to identify which learning style primarily suits your child and will help your child to learn more effectively.

  1. Identify if Your Child is a Kinesthetic Learner: Many students learn through a hands-on approach or by doing something physical. The major characteristics of kinesthetic learners are :
  • They mostly use gestures while speaking.
  • They can effectively coordinate their organs and have a strong sense of balance.
  • They hardly pay attention when sitting down to learn.

If you think that your child falls in this category, help your child learn by applying specific strategies such as using props, acting out course content, etc.

  1. Identify if Your Child is a Visual Learner: Visual learners mostly prefer to learn from images that provide significant points, reasoning, or ideas. They find it easier to recall a vivid image like a graph or map than something that is said or written. The characteristics to identify if your child is a visual learner are:
  • They show interest in art, graphics & illustrations.
  • They are more interested in watching videos rather than reading books.
  • They have a good sense of direction& navigation.

If you have identified that your child prefers visual aids when learning, you can support their learning style through color-coding study notes, creating concepts or study plans, showing them documentaries or instructional videos, etc.

  1. Identify if Your Child is an Auditory Learner: If your child is an auditory learner, he/she will like to:
  • Enjoy talking and discussion.
  • Sing& hum often.
  • Listens to sounds& music.

If your child develops such characteristics, you can support your child with an auditory learning style such as teaching and explaining any lesson, asking questions, discussing ideas, etc.


Kundan International School, one of the top CBSE International Schools in Chandigarh always encourages the parents to understand the specific needs of their children and provide them with the best guidance accordingly.

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  2. Dr. Shridev Phondani

    An healthy atmosphere is all about providing favorable circumstances for the growth of life and its variable aspects. Students need a place where each aspect of their personality can be taken care. School is a such place where a student spends maximum part of his life. Therefore it is very important to maintain a healthy atmosphere in a school, so that a student can be transformed into a civilized and responsible citizen. That is why Kundan International School is a combination of all the factors which are required to develop a student into a civilized prosperous and forward looking citizen. In today’s world when the schools have become very commercial in their approach, Kundan International School still maintains a balance between its commercial interest and the actual purpose of providing education.

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