On the occasion of World Earth Day, for the students of 7th Grade, we organised a declamation competition based on the theme of environmental protection and preservation. This was an intra-class competition where grade 7th students from different sections participated with zeal & passion. Such competitions are a great way to develop:

– Communication skills
– The art of Public speaking
– Self-confidence
– Oration & showmanship


Interclass competitions are a regular occurrence at Kundan International school. We always encourage our students to participate in such events to maintain a healthy spirit of competition among students and develop their academic and co-curricular skillsets. Inter-class competitions contribute to students’ growth in the following ways:

– Help students become competitive
– Increases students engagement
– Diversify the academic curriculum
– Infotainment & learning opportunities


To keep our student’s creative writing skills razor-sharp, we make sure there are timely extra-curricular activities to test their calibre. Events like creative writing competitions encourage students to engage in group activities and learn interactively. Participation in such events help students with:

– Creative writing skills
– A deeper understanding of literature
– Raising self-confidence
– Improved competitiveness


We always make sure our students remain one step ahead in their creative learnings. One way to do so is through creative writing competitions. One recent event was conducted on 23 April 2022. The theme of the match was based on ‘Earth day’. Students were given three topics to choose from:

01. Save Water, Save the Earth
02. My Mother Earth
03. Keep the Earth Clean & Green

Students wrote beautifully & took advantage of the opportunity to sharpen their creative skills and learn about earth & its preservation.


On Earth Day, Kundan International conducted a Poster making competition to test the creative might of our talented students. The intention was to sharpen their creative skills and make them realise the importance of the earth & its preservation. Such competitions can help students develop their:

– Artistic sense & calibre
– Participation spirit
– Creative confidence
– Ethics & moral values


Show and tell is an engaging activity which allows students to explore their descriptive and expressive abilities. The activity involves students describing their favourite piece of object/toy. Our students of Class 1st brought their favourite toys and described them beautifully. Show and tell is a great way to help develop:

– General observation and awareness
– Description and expression
– Speaking-confidence & fluency
– Healthy spirit of competition

Intra School Activities

September 2021

1.      Teacher’s Day Celebration- Class I to VI

Kundanites believe in honouring and respecting their beloved teachers. They deserve all the love and appreciation in the world. It is to celebrate this love , that our school celebrated teachers day with great warmth and vitality. Our tiny tots crafted beautiful handmade cards for their teachers. Activities such as poem recitation, singing and dancing were also organised for our learners. A virtual dance party was also organised for our lower primary learners to commemorate this day. All the teachers were overwhelmed by the appreciation and love showered upon them.

 1.     Debate Competition- Class V & VI

Students participated in a debate competition on the
topic ‘Hindi Language vs English Language’.
The advantages of both the languages were highlighted by the students.
They participated in the event with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

Intra School Competition

September 2021

  1. Handwriting Competition- Class I to IV

The students participated in Handwriting competition with great enthusiasm. The winners were felicitated with certificates.
Winners: Class 1: Pihu Dheer, Chinmey Thakur
Class 2: Akshit, Roshni
Class 3: Rehmatjot Kaur
Class 4: Bilroj, Yashika

  1. Hasya Kavi Sammelan- Classes VII to X

Hasya Kavi Sammelan was organised for the students of class 7,9 & 10 for building their confidence and appreciating humour in their lives. The students found the activity very interested and participated actively in the same.


 First position :Bhavin (Class 7)

 Second Position: Kunnal (Class 9)

Third Position: Reva and Aman (Class 10)

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