Expert lecture on ‘Semiconductor and IOT’

Kundan International School organised an expert lecture on ‘Semiconductor and IOT ’ for the students of Class IX onwards on 13th September, 2022. The session’s expert was Col. (Dr) Rajesh Jasial, the director of Kundan International School in Chandigarh. There were around 80 participants in the lecture. The session was attended by the Principal, coordinators, students and teachers of the school.

The session included a list of topics which made the educators aware about the need and usage of semiconductors. This lecture is a part of the Beyond Curriculum initiative, which Kundan International School initiated to prepare its students for the future by increasing their familiarity with cutting-edge technologies.

It was followed with an IOT topic introduction and how the Internet of Things is involved in smart cities. The lecture ended with the question answers session.

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