Report on the workshop on- Effective Lesson Planning

Date: June 30, 2022

Day: Thursday 

Speaker: Dr. A.P Sharma

Place: Conference hall

A workshop on effective lesson planning for teachers was held on June 31st 2022 by eminent expert Dr. A P Sharma at the conference hall.

Dr. AP Sharma is the head of hubs of learning, the principal and director of academics of KUNDAN VIDYA MANDIR (Ludhiana) 

The workshop was attended by our Director Col (Dr.) Rajesh Jasial, Principal Mrs. Yogesh Jadli and the teachers of Kundan International School, Chandigarh. In the workshop our eminent expert Dr. A P Sharma explained different components of lesson planning to connect, strategy, reflections, and expected learning outcomes. 

By using a PowerPoint presentation he explained different ways to connect with students – How to design learning outcomes and different compositions of lesson planning were also explained by the expert, like

  • The subject is comprised of 50% 
  • Digital interventions URL videos picture 25%
  • Experiential learning activities 25%

He also introduced distinctive ways to connect with children in classes while teaching.

Overall it was well-informed learning by doctor A.P Sharma.

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