Attended By

Resource Person

05/05/22 & 06/05/22

NIF (Inspire) in collaboration with CSIR-Chd

Mrs. Priyanka

Dr. Manoj Patel


Mnemonics as a pedagogical tool

Teachers of Kundan International school, Chandigarh

Dr. Vani
Dr. Sangeeta

Dr. Parul

From Chitkara college


Effective lesson planning

Teachers of Kundan International school, Chandigarh

Dr. A.P Sharma


School on happy classrooms

Mrs. Manika, Mrs. Bhawna, Mrs. Simranjeet, Mrs. Pallavi

Dr. Biswajit Saha Director (Skill education and training, CBSE)


Training on Financial Literacy

Mrs. Sunita, Mrs. Archana, Mrs. Pallavi,

Mrs. Harsimran, Mrs. Jaswinder, Mrs. Kavita,

Mrs. Neena, Mrs. Manjot, Mrs. Sabita,

Mrs. Gurwinder, Mr. Narinder


Venue: S.D Public school, Chandigarh


Single use plastic free India

Mrs. Harsh

Mr. Mukesh Kumar {Dept. of Environment}


Adoption of solar energy & Akshya urja Diwas celebration

Mrs. Harsh, Ms. Amrit

Mr. Parmod

{Yuvsatta, CREST, Chandigarh Administration}



Ms. Kavita

Er. Abhishek Sharma

(Assistant Professor (Computer Science & Engineering))

(CEC, Mohali)


Sensitization of stakeholders on Prashat Mobile App

Ms. Amrit, Mrs.Harsh

Surinder Pal Sharma {SCERT}


Teachers Training Program

Mrs. Archana, Mrs Pallavi

Rotary club


Review meeting under Girls India Project

Ms.Amrit, Mrs.Harsh

The Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR)


Workshop on Behavioral Issues in Teenagers and adolescence

Mrs. Archana, Mrs Pallavi

H.T Newspaper


Infographic poster making Workshop

Ms.Amrit, Mrs.Harsh

By Chitkara International school {CCPCR}


Learning Disabilities and what everybody should know about it

Mrs. Manpreet, Mrs.Archana

The Councilor and Special Educator

(Ashiana Public school)


Preventions of sexual abuse and child labour

Mrs. Manpreet

Yuvsatta {Mr.Surinder Kumar}


Facilitating Young Minds Making learning visible

Mrs. Archana, Mrs Pallavi

Next Education


Latest techniques of teaching and effective classroom management

Ms. Amrit, Mrs. Manpreet

K.S Randhawa


Multidisciplinary approach of NEP in India highest education & employment

Mrs.Mona, Ms. Shaweta

IILM University


Legal Literacy club

Mrs. Mona

Dept. of social welfare, women and child development, Chandigarh Administration


Date Content Attended By Resource Person
23/04/2020 Lets fight covid-19 Teachers of the junior wing Dir. of Elementary Education
30/04/2020 Bringing online classroom alive The Principal and HOD’s. Ms. Aditi Parekh and Mr. Nishant Singh
01/05/2020 Classroom through Boundaries All the teachers NCERT
05/05/2020 Creative expression in challenging times All the teachers DEPFE NCERT.
07/05/2020 Managing relation and Well-being All the teachers NCERT
09/05/2020 Importance of Mental Health and Routine during Social Isolation All the teachers NCERT
12/05/2020 Responsible online Behaviour All the teachers Ms. Janice Vergese (NCERT)
13/05/2020 Avoid technology Addiction, learn digital Hygiene All the teachers NCERT
18/05/2020 Creating interactive slide presentation All the teachers Kishore Munch by NCERT
19/05/2020 Capacity programme on Gender sensitivity and Pathways to Critical Thinking ThePrincipal, Ms.Manmeet CBSE
20/05/2020 Staying positive during pandemic All the teachers NCERT
20/05/2020 Learning from pandemic steps for self motivation All the teachers NCERT
03/06/2020 to 10/06/2020 CBSE and NSE Academy, Financial markets management and teachers training Ms. Harsimran Kaur CBSE
09/06/2020 Dramatics in teaching Ms. Sabita Ahuja CBSE, COE Chandigarh
10/06/2020 Managing Virtual Classes The Principal, Ms. Kavita CBSE, COE Chandigarh
11/06/2020 Enhancing Practical Skills and Project work in Mathematics MsMandeep CBSE
13/06/2020 Creative Activities for Junior classes Integration of ICT in COMPU Maths, COMPU English Ms Kavita CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chandigarh
13/06/2020 Innovative Assignment MsMandeep CBSE
20/06/2020 Kvm: Webinar On optimum School Online Education Platform & overall view of technologies The Principal and all the teachers Ms. Anubha and Mr. KewalKrishan
21/06/2020 Webinar on Sustainable Green Schools for Teachers and Principal The Principaland Ms. AradhanaSharma CBSE
23/06/2020 Content Teaching Strategies Methodologies of Teaching English Writing Skills Attended by MsMridula, MsSujata Resource Person CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chandigarh
23/06/2020 Creating a culture of learning Mathematics MsMandeep CBSE
23/06/2020 Experiential Learning, Mathematical Pedagogy by Diksha, Practices for Gender Sensitivity Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
24/06/2020 Training of leading Transformation in an era of digital learning The Principal, Ms. Aradhana, Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
25/06/2020 Training on Applied Mathematics Ms. Shikha and Ms. Manmeet CBSE
29/06/2020 Problem based learning using Numpy-advanced in Python Ms Kavita CBSE, Centre of Excellence Chennai
08/07/2020 InhousetrainingsessionsonconductingonlineExams All the teachers Ms. Kavita Koundal
12/07/2020 to 16/07/2020 Energize Online Learning The Principal, Ms. Aradhana, Ms. Manmeet, Ms. Kavita TTF, Bangalore organized by KVM Ludhiana
13/07/2020 Webinar on “Innovative Pedagogy in Science” Science Department Madhuban
17/07/2020 Training on Alternative Academic calendar, Liberal Education in India The Principal and the teachers of Senior Wing CBSE, Ashoka University
24/07/2020 Assessing students throughout an online course Ms. Manmeet Kaur CBSE
25/07/2020 Google Forms and Creating Google Classrooms All teachers Ms. Kavita Koundal
03/08/2020 Developing attitude of gratitude in children All teachers RIE, NCERT, Bhopal
08/08/2020 Integrated Notebook using OneNote All teachers Indraprastha School, Delhi
21/08/2020 Best Practices School Leadership and Assessment The Principal and HODs CBSE
25/08/2020 Mental well being of children The Principal and all teachers DEPFE, NCERT
31/08/2020 Creating Mindmaps using Venngage All teachers S.N.D.T. Pune
08/09/2020 to 10/09/2020 Online Capacity Building Program on Class IX AI curriculum Ms. Kavita Koundal, Mr. Jai Singh CBSE and INTEL
08/09/ 2020 The Awakened Citizen Program: Value Education Ms. SujataSood Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi
11/09/2020 ShikshakParv – Series of webinars on NEP The Principal and all teachers Ministry of Edu. Govt. of India
14/09/2020 CCT Newsletter for September The Principal and Ms. Manmeet CBSE, Regional office
14/09/2020 Hindi Divas Hindi department teachers Madhuban
15/09/2020 Inhouse Training session on Google Forms and creating question Paper All the teachers Mrs. ManjeetJauhar and Ms. Kavita Koundal
20/09/2020 Training of Lead collaborators for Hubs of Learning The Principal as a lead collaborator school CBSE
20/09/2020 Online Assessment tool for conducting exams All the teachers of Senior wing Delta Step
5/10/2020 to 9/10/2020 RAISE 2020 Virtual Global Summit on AI The Principal, Ms Kavita Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
11/10/2020 STEM-Tasty tadka of Life in Science and Mathematics Science and Mathematics teachers of senior wing IIT Gandhi Nagar, IISER Pune
27/10/2020 Webinar on Capacity Building Programme to enhance reading and comprehension skills The teachers of English Deptt. CBSE
06/11/2020 CCT/PISA-decoding competencies for English MsMridula, MsGurpreet CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
12/11/2020 CCT/PISA-Science competencies MsAradhana, MsChanderPrabha CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
17/11/2020 CCT/PISA-Maths competencies MsManmeet, MsMandeep, MsShikha CBSE, COE, Chandigarh
25/11/2020 Fit India Mission The Principal and all teachers ShKirenRijiju and Sh. Suresh Raina, former Indian Cricketer
30/11/2020 ReSET-Relearning Essential Skills for Efficiency in Teaching MsAnjana, MsArchanaMsChanderPrabha and MsRenuPunia ICSL